BlackBerry Dynamics, Appdome estende il supporto a BlackBerry Launcher Dynamics

BlackBerry Dynamics, Appdome estende il supporto a BlackBerry Launcher Dynamics

Chi sta utilizzando Appdome per BlackBerry Dynamics apprezzerà il fatto che ha annunciato oggi un'espansione per includere il BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher. In questo modo tutti gli sviluppatori potranno aggiungere BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher alle proprie applicazioni senza nessuna codifica richiesta. L'opzione di integrazione di BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher è disponibile nella categoria Mobility Management della piattaforma Appdome selezionando BlackBerry Dynamics SDK e attivando l'opzione di integrazione.

Maggiori informazioni sono disponibili nella riproduzione della demo cliccando su questo link e che mostra l'integrazione senza codifica di BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher. Di seguito il comunicato stampa completo:

Appdome for BlackBerry Dynamics Expands to Include BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher for Single Point of Access to Business Apps and Tasks

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Appdome, the mobile industry's first cloud hub for mobile app integration, today announces the expansion of its automated service for BlackBerry Dynamics to include the BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher. The launcher offers a secure mobile desktop as an overlay to mobile apps, making business apps and tasks easily accessible and actionable in one place. Appdome now allows enterprise users - developers and non-developers - to add the BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher onto their workplace apps at the click of a single button. Like other mobile integration choices performed on Appdome, the BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher is an optional-add feature, and no code or coding is required.

"The BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher makes enterprise mobility relevant, mobile apps accessible and the benefit of mobile management tangible for all mobile users," said Tom Tovar, CEO of Appdome. "Enterprise users of Appdome can now add the launcher as part of any mobile integration project, complete the integration in seconds and showcase the expanded app coverage enabled through our platform."
Simplifying use and expanding adoption
As a central point for users to access and switch between apps approved for their workplace, the BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher streamlines workflows and boosts user productivity. The launcher eliminates delayed workflows, as users no longer need to waste time searching for the right apps in a stack of personal apps. It also eliminates the need to open and close various apps to complete a task.

"Our goal is to increase the adoption and usage of secure mobile applications in the enterprise and provide organizations with unique and flexible solutions," said Billy Ho, executive vice president, Enterprise Product and Value-Added Solutions, BlackBerry. "This latest integration with Appdome allows us to grow our enterprise ecosystem and accelerates the reach of BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher."

Appdome users that select to integrate the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK can now add the launcher to the same integration completed on the Appdome platform. This expands BlackBerry's reach to customers that require the development resources to add multiple SDKs to apps or that use apps without native support for the launcher.

The BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher integration option is available within the Mobility Management category of Appdome's platform by selecting the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK and enabling the launcher integration option.

To learn more, watch a replay of BlackBerry and Appdome's joint demo-driven webinar showcasing the codeless integration of the BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher.
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