BB Merah Putih annuncia ufficialmente il BlackBerry Aurora per il mercato indonesiano

BB Merah Putih annuncia ufficialmente il BlackBerry Aurora per il mercato indonesiano

Come previsto sulla base di precedenti informazioni, BB Merah Putih ha annunciato ufficialmente il BlackBerry Aurora per il mercato indonesiano, dandogli l'onore di essere il primo smartphone BlackBerry rilasciato con un accordo di licenza  firmato con BlackBerry nel mese di settembre 2016.

Parlando del lancio del BlackBerry Aurora, Alex Thurber, Senior Vice President e General Manager del Mobility Solutions per BlackBerry ha osservato come:

“Ci congratuliamo sinceramente con BB Merah Putih per il nuovo BlackBerry Aurora, l'ultimo dispositivo lanciato sotto la nostra strategia di licenze software per la consegna dello smartphone "intelligente". I nostri clienti in Indonesia sono molto importanti per BlackBerry e mentre ci concentriamo sull'innovazione software, siamo molto entusiasti della nostra partnership con BB Merah Putih per fornire dispositivi di alta qualità con il DNA di sicurezza BlackBerry del quale hanno familiarità i nostri clienti.”

Come evidenziato nel comunicato stampa, il BlackBerry Aurora dispone di un processore Snapdragon 425, Android Nougat, slot dual-SIM, fotocamera principale da 13 mpx e una fotocamera frontale da 8 mpx con 4 GB di RAM e 32 GB espandibili di memoria interna con una batteria 3,000mAh. Da oggi, il BlackBerry Aurora può essere acquistato al prezzo di IDR 3.499.000 (circa 250 euro).

Through its strategic licensing partnership, BB Merah Putih launches its first BlackBerry- branded device in Indonesia, the BlackBerry Aurora.

Jakarta – March 9, 2017 – Today, PT BB Merah Putih, one of Indonesia's leading smartphone manufacturers, unveiled a new BlackBerry smartphone in Indonesia – the BlackBerry Aurora. The launch represents the first BlackBerry smartphone released by BB Merah Putih under its new brand licensing agreement signed with BlackBerry Limited in September 2016. Offering the first Indonesian-designed and manufactured BlackBerry- branded device, powered by the world's most secure version of Android, customers can expect very exciting features and applications, equipped with BlackBerry's trusted software security and mobility solutions.

"We are very excited and enthusiastic about the opportunity to launch the BlackBerry Aurora in Indonesia. The BlackBerry Aurora is not only the first BlackBerry-branded device to ever be produced in Indonesia, but it is the first BlackBerry device in the world to be equipped with dual-SIM functionality," says Stanly Widjaja, Vice President BB Merah Putih. "This new device is designed specifically to fulfill the needs of Indonesian customers with full entertainment features packaged in a premium device that also delivers the productivity, privacy and security that the BlackBerry brand delivers."

"We sincerely congratulate BB Merah Putih on the new BlackBerry Aurora, the latest device launched under our software licensing strategy and new model for delivering the 'smart' in the smartphone," said Alex Thurber, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Mobility Solutions for BlackBerry. "Our customers in Indonesia are very important to BlackBerry, and as we focus on software innovation, we are very excited about our partnership with BB Merah Putih to deliver high-quality devices with the BlackBerry security DNA our customers are so familiar with."

BlackBerry has a long history in Indonesia, connecting and protecting millions of mobile customers that use secure BlackBerry products to grow their businesses and stay in touch with friends and family. With this partnership, BB Merah Putih and BlackBerry are continuing to deliver a high quality mobile experience with the security and productivity that customers expect with the BlackBerry brand, but with features that are specifically designed for Indonesian customers, such as dual-SIM capability for multiple phone numbers.
The beautifully designed BlackBerry Aurora comes with a number of features that are uniquely BlackBerry. Out of the box, the device runs Android OS 7.0 Nougat – giving users access to the entire Google Play store and apps – and will receive regular security updates. It will come pre-loaded with BlackBerry Hub®, a unified messaging inbox which combines emails, texts and messages from social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, BBM, Whatsapp, Instagram and others.

What really sets a BlackBerry smartphone apart from other Android devices are the enhanced security features built into every device right from the start. From a hardened operating system to BlackBerry Limited's proprietary technique for establishing a hardware root of trust by adding security keys to the processor, the BlackBerry Aurora is intentionally designed to offer the most secure Android smartphone experience possible. The BlackBerry Aurora comes pre-loaded with DTEK® by BlackBerry, offering constant security monitoring and protection of your operating system and apps by letting you know when your privacy could be at risk and how you can take action to improve it. A quick glimpse lets you see the overall security rating for your device and allows the user to easily improve its security status. This BlackBerry security application monitors other apps, alerting you if one is accessing your camera to take a picture or video, turning your microphone on, sending a text message, or accessing your contacts or location.

The BlackBerry Aurora is a dual SIM 4G LTE smartphone that operates with Android 7.0 Nougat, with a 5.5" inch screen and 4GB RAM memory. Fusing modern technology with 4G LTE network speed, vibrant HD 720p wide screen and 4GB memory, the BlackBerry Aurora delivers a powerful performance to fulfill one's needs for a smartphone.

Beyond the design and security features that make the BlackBerry Aurora so distinct, these additional features truly reinvent mobile communications for the business user by ensuring that a business user has continuous, secure and productive mobile access to their office regardless of where they might be in the world. At the core of this new BlackBerry smartphone is a Qualcomm® Snapdragon TM quad-Core 1.4GHz processor with a 3,000 mAh Li-ion battery – allowing the device to receive strong performance and connectivity for 30 hours straight.

James Cathey, Vice President and President, Asia Pacific and India from Qualcomm has congratulated BB Merah Putih for the launch of BlackBerry Aurora. "We are very happy to be able to collaborate with our strategic partner, BB Merah Putih to help transform an important business in the Indonesian market through the launch of the BlackBerry Aurora," says Cathey. "As an innovator that has continually pushed the evolution of mobile communications, Qualcomm, together with BlackBerry and BB Merah Putih, is committed to contribute to the creation of valuable user experiences for the people of Indonesia and we will continually support the growth of local mobile industries."

As part of the exciting launch of the BlackBerry Aurora, Rudiantara, The Minister of Telecommunication and Information attended the ceremony to congratulate BB Merah Putih on the launch of the BlackBerry Aurora in the Indonesian market. Minister Rudiantra says, "BB Merah Putih is a symbol of the pride and spirit of Indonesia and the launch of the BlackBerry Aurora is evidence of Indonesia's ability to manufacture high technological products to a global standard. We believe that the BlackBerry Aurora will set the benchmark for the performance of local industries and manufacturers and will also create opportunities for the growth of the smartphone industry in Indonesia."

BlackBerry Aurora can be purchased at a price of Rp. 3,499,000 through pre-orders in various online e-commerce in Indonesia starting Friday, March 3, 2017 until Sunday, March 12, 2017. Throughout the pre-order period, customers have the chance to receive a special prize as well payment options with a one-year installment. BlackBerry Aurora is also supported by quality network services in big cities across Indonesia.
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